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Tailored to you

Everyone's photo needs are different. This is why I provide custom price quotes because I don't believe it's fair to charge you a flat rate fee if your needs are significantly different from other clients. I recognize there may be some situations where an easy, simple fee might be what you're looking for, such as studio headshots, and for those instances I've included a short list of basic services below. Aside from those basic services, there are big differences between what goes into (for example) a headshot session versus your family portraits, your engagement photos, portrait sessions, and events.. Factors to consider are:

  • Number of photographer's requested

  • Length of time photography services are required 

  • location of the shoot, e.g. on-site versus in-studio

  • Most of the work takes place before and after actual events, such as post-production, editing and fine-tuning the photos. Your shoot may only be 3 hours, but your photographer’s time will be much more. 


In short, unless you need something very basic, the cost will be based on how long you need a photographer, the number of photos and edits, any additional photographers or assistants needed, experience, location, and the day of the week your session is on. Book a consultation below to get started.

  • Initial Consultation

    1 hr

    No charge