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Tailored to you

Everyone's photo needs are unique. I don't provide a cookie-cutter service, because my goal as a photographer is to freeze unique moments in time for you, whether those moments are 1-on-1 portrait sessions, a group session, or an event.

To get started, click here to complete and submit a quick questionnaire. Once received, I will put together an estimate for you.

I recognize there may be some 1-on-1 situations that call for a straightforward fee, such as actors' headshots or quick portrait sessions. Click here to book one of these basic services now.

Aside from a limited set of 1-on-1 services, there are big differences between what work and equipment goes into making

(for example) a portrait session versus a group session, or an event. Factors to consider are:

  • Number of photographers needed 

  • Length of time photography services are required 

  • location of the shoot (e.g. on-site versus in-studio)

  • The time required for post-production: The majority of work happens after the photo shoot, where the photographer develops your photographs by fine-tuning elements like color, sharpness, crop, and much more. This detailed work has to be done image by image, so it can take some time. This is why your desired number of images will affect the cost.


In short, unless you need a quick 1-on-1 portrait session, the cost will be based on how long you need a photographer, the number of final photos and their respective edits, any additional photographers or assistants needed, location, etc.

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