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The art of photography and how it fits into our every day lives around the world.

First Post: Evoking Emotion



From the moment I decided to pickup a professional camera, I knew it was to evoke an emotion in those who saw my photographs and projects. With the inauguration of the askario journal, I felt it was fit to start with a photo from the New Year's Eve 2016.

I flew to San Francisco, CA this past NYE to spend the evening with some old and new friends. Since I have voluntarily become the group photographer among many of my friends, I naturally took my camera to capture whatever shenanigans we got into leading up to the new year. I know that when I take my camera to these types of get togethers I'll come away with at least one genuinely emotional shot. Shock, joy, devastation, quizzical, etc. It's hard to pose a genuine emotion. Emotions are often fleeting. They boil up and burst through the wall we put up on a daily basis; they often show themselves momentarily, especially when there is a camera around. I strive to capture those moments.

This won't be your typical photography blog. There are more than enough photo blogs out there that discuss the "Top 10 Lighting Techniques" or "5 Pieces of Gear You Must Have". What I aim to discuss throughout this blog, or journal, is how the medium of photography impacts and interacts with us when we view them. What do you feel when you see a photograph? What do you begin to think about?

Images can have a huge impact on our world view. Photographs cause paradigm shifts, a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions. It takes some photographers years, decades, or even an entire lifetime, to capture that one photograph that shakes the world up so much that we realize, for example, "hey, people can actually walk on the moon."

I aim to discuss these types of photographs. From the traditional, technical, realistic photographs...

To the more abstract photographs, like light paintings.

The medium of photography is so new, there is so much to discover and talk about. And I look forward to doing that hear through my posts and featured posts from others in the industry.



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