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The art of photography and how it fits into our every day lives around the world.

Post Process Pinup

The pinup. Predating the likes of playboy by about 60 years. One of the first images that certainly evoked a lot of emotions and then some. Photographs of the style became popular as cameras became more prevalent, and advertising agencies realized that putting a beautiful woman on products sells to both men and women. Then computers came around, the internet, and well, the rest is history.

The pinup was forgotten; until recently, anyway. Popularized during the 1940s, the pinup is now a style some photographers aim to recreate. It's a low contrast, hard edges, textured image. The bright white highlights give the subject shine and a sense of drawn curvature. I'd seen some samples of this type of work on Instagram and especially liked the shots of a strong, confident model, as opposed to the typical pinup model that's in a state of "innocent" shock. You know the look I'm talking about. This more modern pinup is a bit different.

Then, today, I was going through some old photographs and stumbled upon this one of model Piper Kennedy of Factor Chosen: Los Angeles. I had watched a video on how to do this a long time ago and tried to recreate the process as best I could. An hour or so later and I was pretty satisfied with the results. What do you think?

Pinup by askario photogrpahy

Hoping to develop a few more through this process to create a series.


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