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The art of photography and how it fits into our every day lives around the world.

Spotlight: Photographer Bram Norman

Kristen Norman by Bram Norman

​Last year I had the good fortune of meeting photographer Bram Norman in Venice, CA. He is an incredibly talented photographer; but above all, he is a uniquely kind person.

Within a few minutes of speaking with Bram, it was obvious that he is the kind of person who can put your nerves at ease and make you instantly feel familiar and comfortable. It makes sense, then, that his subjects always look uniquely natural, as though Bram caught a fleeting moment between poses. This aspect of his photography translates to a sense of peace for viewers of his work.

Bram's photography should be viewed by all; that's my belief. His work has this way of making you feel better. I asked Bram if he could answer a few questions so that readers could get to know him better. Below is our discussion and some of Bram's wonderful work.

askario photo: Tell us a little about yourself, Bram.

Bram Norman: I was born and raised in Southern California. While growing up, I was into riding BMX bikes, Snowboarding, Surfing and enjoying the outdoors. For all of you youngsters, this was before cell phones and the internet.

ap: You're now an amazingly talented photographer; tell us about the journey that got you here.

BN: My photographic journey started only a handful of years ago. When I first picked up a camera I was taking pictures of sunsets at my local beach, flowers and my dog. I think the defining moment was when a friend of mine had asked me to take their daughters senior/graduation photos. Since that time, it has just evolved and something that I enjoy more and more.

Loree Rapp by Bram Norman

ap: Do you have a job outside of photography?

BN: My primary job is in real-estate. I work for an investment firm in Newport Beach.

ap: Is there a photographer or photographers that inspire you or that you look up to?

BN: My top 6 photographers that I look up to are; John Schell (@johnschell) for his incredible lifestyle imagery. Schell’s work is something that I relate to growing up on the beaches of San Clemente and surf culture. Mark Hunter (@thecobrasnake) for his great use of color and vibrant imagery with a fun vibe. Alex Rosenkreuz (@alexrosenkreuzphotography) for his LA Fashion and night/flash photography, just amazing. Sagar Manjarres (@sagarmanjarres) for his unique and beautiful way he composes and captures his subjects. Ted H (@5twenty1photography) and his swim/lifestyle photography. Dennys Pointon (@dennypointon) for his dynamic style and the way he can create great mood and tension in his imagery.

ap: Have you been experimenting with any particular styles lately?

BN: Since I am still newer in the world of people photography, I find myself experimenting with various styled from Lifestyle to Commercial to Swim to Fashion. If I had to pick a favorite, I would lean towards Lifestyle and Swim/Lifestyle are my favorites to shoot.

ap: I'm often asked, "what's it like to work with such beautiful people?" what would you say?

BN: I would say, people are people and everyone is beautiful.

ap: Agreed! Your image's subjects have such natural poses and looks; do you try anything unique to achieve comfort with your subjects and clients during a shoot?

BN: I try and get to know my subjects as much as I can before the shoot. I like to know their interests, what they do for fun when they are not in front of the camera, what type of music they listen to etc. Even during the shoot, I try and keep conversation going and joke around. At a 2 hour shoot, I would probably say I talk 80% of the time and shoot the remainder.

Dominique Caillouette of Willow Models by Bram Norman

ap: Do you say your please and thank yous 100% of the time?

BN: Of course, just like my mom taught me to!

ap: Who, in general, has made a big impact in your life?

BN: Of course my parents have. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them right? I’ve been fortunate to have some great friends in my life which has played huge part of who I am. Last but not least, I wouldn’t have continued to branch out in this area of photography without the support and encouragement from my beautiful wife!

ap: What do you personally think is the meaning of life?

BN: Recently hitting a milestone birthday last month, I find this a very relevant question. You know growing up in Southern Cal it is easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle with the newest most shinny things (cars, house, etc.) but life is much more than that. Its about moments and memories and being the best you can be as an individual. Life is short and we should enjoy it.

Catch Bram Norman on instagram (@insta__bram), on Model Mayhem (#3850766), or at

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