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The art of photography and how it fits into our every day lives around the world.

NYE in DxB

I had 5 bottles of Stella in hand and a gin and tonic, running towards our group with a friend whom also had 5 bottles of Stella in hand, when suddenly 2016 was over. For 800aed (about $218), we were treated to copious amounts of great food, tons of booze, a live band, great dance floor, and a solid ambiance with our group of friends. The bottles weren't just for me, I promise; in Dubai they have this marvelous way of partying where you pay a flat rate for all you can drink and eat for a set amount of time. Get on it America.

Fireworks flew into the Arabian sky, bathing all of the Dubian high rises in beautiful bright colors. The ambiance was great; we could hear each other; we weren't crowded shoulder to shoulder; it was fantastic and one of the top NYE's I've experienced.

I was lucky enough to celebrate with friends that didn't mind my lens in their faces (most of the time, lol. Sorry guys). Being the photographer at events with friends is one of my favorite things to do. There is plenty of opportunity to capture the emotions of the night, and your friends know you well enough to be comfortable with the camera.

I know they're all dying to see the pictures so I'll keep it short. Without further ado, Happy New Year:


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